National Park Information Center

The Management Body of Messolonghi Lagoon – Akarnanika Mountains lies near the East Bridge of Aitoliko. The Information Centre of the National Park of Messolonghi -Aitoliko Lagoons operates inside the building of the Management Body.
People visiting the protected area can begin their tour from the information center, where they can find informative material and ecotouristic maps.
The Information Centre operates an exhibition room with  easy-to-understand texts (in Greek language), photographic material and a map model of the National Park, as well as a projection room, where documentaries about the area and other videos can be projected.Organized sightseeing excursions might start from the Information Center, accompanied with executives of the Management Body. The visitors have the opportunity of birdwatching with binoculars and telescopes.


Additional Information & Indicative Program

1. Information in the Information Center of the Management Body of Messolonghi Lagoons – Akarnanika Mountains
a. Guided tour in the Exhibition Area (Duration: 30 minutes for each group of 50 people).b. Presentation of the Documentary of the Management Body about the National Park (Duration: 20 minutes)Visiting Hours: Monday – Friday from 10:00 until 15:00Visitors are being informed about the characteristics and values ​​of the natural environment of the entire protected area, the functional connectivity of habitats and human activities in the area. Moreover, they can be informed about the protection status and Management Bodies of other Protected Areas (necessity - role - objectives). At the end of each guided tour, visitors are acquired with printed material and posters produced by the Management Body. 

 2. Guided Excursions for Visitors and Schools for Birdwatching
Birdwatching is well known worldwide and millions of people are involved in it. “Meeting” several plant and animal species of the planet often requires exciting searches of new places, where new experiences and images are revealed, providing a combination of fun and knowledge. Birds, like no other organism category, are particularly suited for this purpose, as they fly, and thus become more easily perceived.

1) Rebakia - Ag. Nikolaou Swamp (2.54 km from Information Center)
2) Alykes Aspris (Saltmarshes of Messolonghi) in conjunction with a tour by the manager of the facilities of Hellenic Alykes SA (5.36 km from Information Center).
3) Tholi Lagoon (25 km from Information Center)
4) Plostaina part of the Messolonghi lagoon (10 km from Information Center)
5) Klisova Lagoon (Klisova Birdwatching Tower) (17.06 km from Information Center)

3. Guided Visit to the Fraxos Forest near Lesini (22km from Information Center)
It is about an old wetland of 600 acres that once covered the wider land area. Nowadays, it consists a rare specimen of Fraxinus forest and since 1985 it has been classified as a "Preserved Monument of Nature". The forest has the role of refugee and breeding area for many insects, reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals.
Visitors have the opportunity to walk through the path of the forest, between several tree species, be informed about the history of the forest, the flora and the fauna of the forest and of course, to be aware of the current dangers that threaten the forest.

4. Guided Visits to natural fish farms (ivaria) (15km from Information Center)
Visitors are informed about fish species in Messolonghi lagoon and fishing methods in natural fish farms (they called “ivaria”). They also learn about shipbuilding, special fishing gears for lagoon environment and social and cultural habits of fishermen in the area.
Indicative Route Schedule of Guided Excursions 
1) Information Center – Alykes Aspris (Visit at the saltmarshes & Bird Watching) - Klisova (Visit to Organized Fisheries & Bird Watching)
2) Information Center - Alykes Aspris (Visit at the saltmarshes - Bird Watching) - Messolonghi Laggon Plostaina Section (Bird Watching) – Klisova Lagoon (Visit to Organized Fisheries - Bird Watching)
3) Information Center – Visit to Fraxos Forest (Walking Tour)
4) Information Center - Tholi Lagoon (Bird Watching)
5) Information Center – Alykes Aspris (Visit at the saltmarshes & Bird Watching)
6) Information Center - White Saltmarsh (Visit at the saltmarshes) - Messolonghi Lagoon Plostaina Section (Bird Watching)
7) Information Center - Ag. Nikolaou Swamp (Bird watching)


The excursions can take place from Monday to Friday from 10:00 till 15:00
Arrangement with the Management Body is Required
Changes can be made according to the requirements of the visitors.For more information and organization of guided excursions the visitors can contact the Information Center of the Management Body of Messolonghi Lagoon – Akarnanika Mountains
Tel / Fax 0030 2632055094 (Mrs Karanika Malvina)
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