Management Body of Messolonghi Lagoon

 The Messolonghi Lagoon Management Body was founded in 2003, and its main responsibility was the administration and management of the Messolonghi-Etoliko Lagoon National Park, of the Evinos and Acheloos Estuaries and of the Echinades Islands.
In 2018 the Messolonghi Lagoon Management Body was renamed as Management Body of Messolonghi lagoon - Akarnanika Mountains and 6 more Protected Areas Natura 2000 were included on its responsibilities: 1) Lakes  TRICHONIDA KAI LYSIMACHEIA (GR2310009), 2) Lake Ozeros (GR230008), 3) Lake Amvrakia (GR2310016), 4) Mountain Panetoliko (GR 2310004),  5) Mountain Arakynthos & Kleisouras Canyon (GR2310010), 6) Akarnanika Mountains (GR2310011)

 Key responsibilities include:
1) consulting on studies about environmental impact,
2)monitoring of wildlife and conservation actions when necessary,
3)documentation and research on studies related to protected articles,
4)environmental education

  The Management Body is also promoting ecotourism in the area. Its object is not only to supervise the space and to protect, in cooperation with the competent bodies, biodiversity and all the rare species found here in great abundance, but also to inform and sensitize the local society, to cooperate with the local community so that the later can become a communicant and protector of this environment.